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Tired Arms - Tired Arms EP
Tired Arms - Tired Arms EP
Exquisitely produced, Tired Arms' six track debut meshes together a wealth of sound sources and musical strains that sound perfectly in sync with each other. Their debut EP draws from a number of musical disciplines, referencing trip-hop, post-rock and chillwave.

Their minimalist approach is comparable to Boards Of Canada, M83, Massive Attack and Sigur Ros, though the duo never stray into predictable territory in building effortlessly lush soundscapes. Tired Arms recently completed a wonderfully atmospheric remix for Keaton Henson but this is the London based duo's first release of their own material.

Limited to 300 copies. Designed by Owen Gildersleeve. Packaging by ACD Sleeve. Discs by Mobineko. Photographed by Joe Maxwell.