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Mt. - Teach Your Children How To Think, Not What To Think
Mt. - Teach Your Children...
After a 3 year hiatus, Mt. are back with a new EP; a coherent collection of 4 very different ideas, it represents the band’s significant progression and diversification since ‘Lethologica’. Intelligently layered structures entwine with delicately crafted melodies and a new found playfulness, leaving no room for interpretation – Mt. are back, and determined to make you sit up and take notice. Features contributions from Skoud, as well as members of Manatees and Held By Hands, and was mastered by Iain Cook (of sadly missed Aereogramme).

1. Pencil Drawings Of Animals
3. Brokeback Mt.
4. Lecture Of Nothings

Sleeve/packaging designed by Harvey Hartley

Limited run of 1000