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Keaton Henson

Keaton Henson

Keaton Henson has been writing music in secret since the age of twelve. Whilst building a reputation as an artist and illustrator, Keaton was quietly amassing a plethora of introspective songs without the knowledge of even his family and friends.

His music, informed by isolation, deals with themes of anxiety and lost love. While the openness of his lyrics can be somewhat unsettling, the simple melodies and frank delivery allow the listener the kind of insight that can make music so rewarding.
For the past few months, his songs and homemade music videos have been circulating on the internet and gaining momentum, prompting him to create his first album.

Finally, at the age of 22, Keaton is preparing to release a 10 track album of his most personal songs entitled "Dear...". The album was recorded in a makeshift studio in his own home. The packaging for the first 120 albums have been painstakingly hand-made by Keaton himself, with original drawings on each unique sleeve. These limited edition covers mirror the individuality and intimacy of his music.

"Dear..." is an insight into a reclusive mind, the title directly addresses the album to those who are listening to it. This, backed by his rare public appearances keep the album something wholly personal for the listener, something that he feels is missing from music today.