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The £1 Sale
Posted by Mark
16 November, 2010 at 18:57
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We're almost at the end of another year and we still have some releases which would be much better suited to your CD shelves than some boxes in the corner of Motive HQ.

In a bid to say goodbye to the 'manilla mountain', as the boxes have affectionately become known, we're offering the following releases at a ridiculous £1 each from the Motive shop

Ned - The Message
vertical montanas - Thick Mugs
Skoud - Lost Systems
Mt. - Lethologica
Capulet - The World Is A Tragic Place...
ctrlaltdelete - Mondegreens

As always with every vinyl purchase we'll send you a link to download the MP3s and we also have some sleeveless discs of Let Airplanes Circle Overhead - S/T, Skoud - Systems & Drafts which we'll throw in too

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