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Mt. - Teach Your Children How To Think, Not What To Think

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Teach Your Children
Posted by Mark
06 April, 2009 at 13:24
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The long awaited new EP from Mt. titled 'Teach Your Children How To Think, Not What To Think', is out today and available to buy from our online shop.

Recorded two years after the previous iteration of Mt. released their debut album 'Lethologica', 'Teach Your Children...' is a collaborative release between ourselves and Belgium's ConSouling Sounds.

Nic Jay and Fisher Street Studios were called upon again, having previously been responsible for the Manatees and Mt. debut LP's, with Aereogramme's Iain Cook mastering the thing. Not forgetting Harvey Hartley who designed the decidedly charming artwork and packaging.

Here's how the tracklisting looks...

1. Pencil Drawings Of Animals
2. Yes, I Can Solve A Rubiks Cube, But I Can't Very Well Solve All Your Problems Now, Can I?
3. Brokeback Mt.
4. Lecture On Nothing 

To whet your appetite, Mt. have uploaded the final track to their MySpace. Enjoy!

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