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Over The Wall - The Rise and Fall of Over The Wall

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Organ Single Of The Week
Posted by Mark
23 October, 2008 at 17:07
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Organ have made 'The Rise and Fall of Over The Wall' one of their singles of the week. If they had an EP of the week I'm sure it would be on that list too...


OVER THE WALL – The Rise And Fall Of (Motive Sounds) – They’re a rather refined Glasgow all-male two piece - delicate, young and thin. Delicate folk and relationships (not necessarily with each other), drinking away the ills and so so simple and heartfelt and not a million miles away from Speech Debelle’s folk acoustic tales of life in her city – well they are really, with their slightly lo-fi indie folk that’s some perfectly crafted sounds. This is so likeable, Frightened Rabbit good, euphoric simplicity, pop music that’s from the heart, spot on sounds and textures, laptops and guitars, trumpets, mandolins, hurdy gurdies, kazzoo and played and sung with such heart

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