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Keaton Henson - 'Charon' Video Still

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Keaton Henson Presents 'Charon'
Posted by Mark
01 March, 2011 at 14:20
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The stunning new video for Keaton Henson's fragile lament, 'Charon' is now online for all to see.

Filmed over two days with Richmond Park providing the exterior woodland shots and the interiors captured in a "colourful hotel" in central London. The short film is a gradual unraveling of emotion that shows the lead character sliding towards his final surrender.

'Charon' is a creative collaboration between David Wilson (Colonel Blimp) and co-directors John Malcolm Moore and Keaton himself, not forgetting Jonny Sabbagh (Dark Vast) who did a fantastic job of creating the puppet.

'Charon' is taken from the album 'Dear...' available from the Motive Sounds online shop as well as a digital download from the likes of iTunes and Amazon etc.

I want, I need this album (Dear). Please, how I could buy it? Thanks.

by Juan Jos Gonzlez Torregrosa
12 April, 2011 at 00:18

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