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Hitch - Kieran Hurley Play

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Posted by Mark
26 July, 2010 at 12:50
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Over The Wall are once again providing the soundtrack to Kieran Hurley's play, titled 'Hitch' at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Expect reworked songs along with fragments, snippets and possibly even a cover.

After premiering the show at the Arches last year they both quickly learned that doing theatre is much more stressful than it appears; like whilst watching Patrick Stewart for example, a modern master of the stage with both smooth delivery and a commanding baldy head. Their words, not ours. Anyway, they love being a part of this and it's a cracking show so I'm told. Info below...

Hitch, in association with The Arches

On the 8th of July last year, the leaders of the eight most powerful countries in the world met for three days in the earthquake-ravaged town of L'Aquila in Italy to make plans for the future of our society and our planet. On 27th June, I (Kieran Hurley) hitched a lift from Glasgow, alone, to be there too.

Featuring live music from Over The Wall, Hitch is an intimate piece of contemporary storytelling which tells of the real experience of this journey, asking questions about the meaning and purpose of political protest, the limits of personal power and the possibility of change. Humorous, honest, thought-provoking, and ultimately hopeful and uplifting, Hitch is a story of global leaders, compassionate strangers, a young man, and his thumb.

Nominated for Best New Play at the Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotland 2010

* * * * (4 stars) The Herald

* * * * (4 stars) The Scotsman

"Hitch demonstrates Kieran Hurley’s status as one of the most important artists working in Glasgow at the moment. It is rare to see a work with such fierce commitment to its subject matter - our collective capability of fighting for a fairer world, that is at the same time beautifully and humorously written, expertly structured and completely engaging throughout" - Jackie Wylie, Artistic Director, The Arches

"The reaction of the audience at the end... they just stood up and cheered, it was like a dam bursting, and just that feeling ‘of ‘yes’, you know, ‘yes’. We can all sit here in this little arch in the Arches and we can see in that story something that we need and something that will make our lives richer, because we’ve... heard this story which we will not forget" - Joyce McMillan, theatre critic of, The Scotsman on

Event info:
Part of Forest Fringe
The Forest, 3 Bristol Place, Edinburgh, EH1 1EY.
9th - 13th August, 8.30pm.
Free (donations accepted). Reserve at venue.

On the opening night (Monday 9th August) Over The Wall will also be playing a late night live set in the Forest Cafe so make sure you get along to that also.

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