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Your Move, Raincloud - This Is What's Left Over From Nothing That's Happened

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Finally...Your Move, Raincloud
Posted by Mark
07 October, 2012 at 16:07
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Five years ago we agreed to release an album by Sam Cain. After many obstacles and delays we are now very proud to announce details of its release.

Your Move, Raincloud is for the most part another way of saying Samuel Francis Cain, as the 28 year-old songwriter is largely the sole aesthetic architect to a project that is in many ways still in it's infancy, yet in many others has unfolded over a long period of time.

A plethora of instruments including piano, accordion, bass guitar, banjo, glockenspiel and reed organ are employed alongside field recordings, analog synths and four-track tape to effect comforting post-rock sketches that are both textured and dynamic, aided by the drumming of Matiss Dale, violinist Angharad Cooper and Alison Mure's voice.

Over three years ago Your Move, Raincloud began recording this album in a barn in rural Lincolnshire. "This Is What's Left Over From Nothing That's Happened" is largely made up of songs written and collected over a period of nearly seven years, arranged for this release between more recent works that together tell several short stories surrounded by a single larger one. Perhaps more resemblant of a novel in structure, the album shifts in it's chronology between intimate narrative and dense instrumentals, all contained within pieces that are drowsy, melodic and meandering.

In turns familiar yet innovative, "This Is What's Left Over From Nothing That's Happened" is due to see the light of day through Motive Sounds Recordings on January 28th, exactly four years to the day that the first drum takes were recorded, and will arrive enclosed in bespoke card packaging that parallels these qualities, illustrated by Chicago-based comic book artist Jeffrey Brown.

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