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Over The Wall - Around the Isles in 80 Days: A Treacherous Adventure Poster

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Around the Isles in 80 Days
Posted by Mark
03 February, 2011 at 16:23
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So the time has come for Over The Wall to announce their forthcoming tour - Around the Isles in 80 Days: A Treacherous Adventure. In true prog-pop fashion it is a 'concept tour'.

As Ben says "Yet the idea is simple; over a period of 80 long days and nights we will be touring up and down Los British Isles in the hope of finding what we are looking for...namely small rooms filled with rambunctious ladies and gentlemen who wish to watch us play. We've divided the UK into sections and will take our hot air balloon to all the parts we've never hit before - Northern Ireland, Wales, the enlightened far north of Scotland, the intolerant 'deep south' of England, and all the bits in between. Hazards will be navigated, pirates faced down, octopi slain. We'll be documenting our journey in video form along the way at

Our debut album 'Treacherous' was so conveniently named it would be irresponsible, feckless, reckless and many other synonyms if we didn't use this in our tour promotion literature. As many of you are aware we launched the album at the end of 2010 and it has been doing really well; heard by luminaries ranging all the way from mine and Gav's
parents, to a couple of slightly more distant relatives. We are glad to hear that people are enjoying it, but it would be even better to get out there and play it to you all. The overthewallmobile (Amilia) is probably road safe and ready to go. Gav has his new transformers lunchbox filled up with hundreds of small cheese sandwich triangles and I have a brand new unbreakable thermos that guarentees to be 'always winter and never christmas' - which is just how I like my tea.

So if you are one of these people what wants to see us then have a look at our tour list thus far, a lot of dates are still to be added so keep checking the events page to see where we are at with it all. Please get involved by suggesting places we can stop along the way, and furthermore if you want us to come and play in your town and we currently aren't, then book us by

*Saturday 19th March* at *The Libertine, Ayr*

*Friday 25th March* at *The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh*

*Thursday 14th April* for the Dirty Hearts Club at *Snaffu, Aberdeen*

*Saturday 16th April* at *Old Bridge Inn, Aviemore*

*Friday 6th May* at *The Mad Ferret, Preston*

*Thursday 12th May* at *The Tolbooth, Stirling*

*Sunday 15th May* at *Nottingham (venue tba)*

*Saturday 28th May* at *Pigstock Festival, N.Ireland*

*Friday 3rd June* at *Nice N Sleazys, Glasgow*

*Saturday 4th June* at *Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh*

Thanks for reading and hopefully we shall see some of you soon".

To view the poster by Richard Todd in all it's glory (recommended), please visit

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